Using Insurance


If you plan to use health insurance please be aware of the following information:


In-Network means that the insurance company has contracted with your therapist to provide services at a discounted rate and that you will only be charged a co-pay for services.

You may have a deductible that you have to pay in full before your insurance starts to pay.

Insurance companies have the right to audit charts so there may be less of a guarantee to your confidentiality and privacy.


The insurance company may cover a percentage of the cost of services if the therapist provides a statement called a "superbill" that the client can submit to the insurance company for reimbursement.

It is your responsibility to confirm if your insurance company will reimburse you and what the percentage will be.

Positives & NegativesOf Using Health Insurance


Less out-of-pocket cost.

Decreased Privacy

Some insurances may require a mental health diagnosis to justify that the treatment is medically necessary.


Increased paperwork means that a paper trail is created which can be accessed during legal proceedings or by long term insurance companies.

Limited Sessions

You may have a limited amount of sessions and/or will need further authorization to warrant that the sessions are "medically necessary."

Using Insurance & Couples Therapy

Using insurance for couples therapy can be tricky. Your insurance company may require that I designate one person as the "patient" who will receive a mental health diagnosis.

If you choose to go down this route, I will open a chart for each person and each person will be required to obtain a diagnosis that is "medically necessary" to warrant the services.